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Vileda G.P. Extra Heavy Cloths x 25

Vileda G.P. Extra Heavy Cloths x 25
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Vileda G.P. Extra Heavy Cloths x 25 Available Red, Blue, Green & Yellow

Woven cloths trap dirt in the open weave of their fibres, but dirt particles are unable to penetrate a non-woven surface, and can be easily rinsed away. With little or no dirt particles to feed on, the growth of bacteria and germs is greatly reduced. The cloth stays fresher for longer and the high fibre density results in capillary action, greatly improving absorbency.

During production silver is added to the cloth and during use when these silver ions come into direct contact with bacteria and germs, they inhibit their growth on the cloth.
Economical cloth for general purpose cleaning tasks. Easily lifts dirt from surfaces and rinses clean for immediate use.


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